Long time no… hmm… read…

It’s been a while since I wrote about me myself and my life as a young and extreme BC-bottom…

Unfortunately, this has a sad reason.
A sad reason for me.

As you know, if you follow my Tumblr, my friend and partner passed away in October 2012.

After his death, as he wish, I had a Master. – Master T., I wrote about Master T..
Unfortunately it did not fit quite with T. and me. You also know that.
Nevertheless, we have and will continue to have BDSM and breath control sessions.

But T. is not the reason why I’m currently not published personal stuff.

In March, my father had to be hospitalized unexpectedly.
My Dad was already on his way to convalescent.
So it was even more
unexpectedly for me as my Daddy passed away on a saturday morning in April.

We had have a close relationship. I miss my Daddy so much! :’(
The death of my boy friend and dad within a few months is TMTH for me.
Currently I have simply no need for breath control, top and bottom, BDSM sessions and something like that.

But you‘re sure I’ll come back with personal stories soon!
There will be new personal stories and pictures about me and Master T. and, or a new master appear at GayBreathControl.com and this Tumblr!

In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes open for breath control and BDSM movies, pictures, stories and will posting them for you on my Tumblr.

So stay tuned…




I have learned to carry my sorrow deep inside where no one can see it; 
to hide my pain, even if I have to bite my tongue to keep from crying out;
 and to laugh with tears in my eyes, making light of the situation that pains me most; 
and I do all this just to pretend to others that I am doing well and make them happy.

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