A new Master owns me!

For a long time there was nothing to read about myself in my personal Tumblr. As a follower of my blog you will know that I, unfortunately, had some time to experience the loss of certain persons (death of loved one). And yet I think I have now found my personal happiness. It seems as if I have not found only a permanent Master / Top No, we are in love! His name is Alex (@SneaksBDSM)!

In the coming days I will therefore move into his home, to Master A..

We have a kind of 24/7 master-slave relationship, or something like that. So I’m going to study normal, but if I do, I have to be home with my master his possession. Where we will have no pure BDSM relationship.

Vanilla sex and partnership, as any “normal” relationship without SM, belongs to us.

My friend has similar sexual preferences as I do. Where it is not quite so extreme in BC, as I liked that. Although A. has experience in it, but are reluctant to act until the KO which is fine, we also need to know in how far you can go. But later, A. can imagine that we will be making more extreme breath play to impotence. This is perfectly okay! A. naturally loves also bondage, mummification, poppers, humiliation and so on.

He also likes when I lick his Converse Chucks or his sneakers and sniff. And he loves to spit in my mouth. I do not really like, I find the latter. I do not like this, but as a slave and the property of A, I sometime like that, what A. wants and likes, and if he wants to spit in my mouth, I will like too! Because I love A., so I can give him everything he wants to meet even if it’s actually a no-go for me. Besides, my hair, no one is allowed to touch it. πŸ˜‰ So, my Tumblr blog and I will come back soon with new stories and new pictures of me, BDSM and BC! πŸ™‚

Stay tuned

your EmoBCSMSlave

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