Silicone Mummification 5/5 (3)

These awesome pictures were probably one of the most popular reposts (reblogs) of my old Tumblr blog. – The mummification of a guy with silicone.

I don’t know how often I was asked how one could probably recreate this scene best. Because these pictures are not mine, I can’t exactly answer it. But I think the pictures give the answer. 😉

Enjoy it.

Silicone Mummification

I found these pictures at “Fox World of Bondage and Fetish“, he wrote:

These pictures are from the formal (editor’s note: formerly?) website of StrangeHobbies. The first time I saw this series I only could think WOW, I really, really would love to try this. Now a couple of years later that thought is just the same. I really would love to do this ! Don’t know anything about it than that it’s some kind of silicone. It looks awesome!

I understand him! 🙂


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