Questions and Answers – Anonymous Asks: Cumshot Videos for free 5/5 (1)

Anonymous said:

Hello, your movies absolutely the best and would like to see more of it. Unfortunately I can not afford them. I know you’ve to earn money but is there a way to watch them free of charge?


Thank you for the compliment! 🙂

Videos in which I cum may currently only be viewed on my Xtube channel after purchase.

Videos of me without cumshot and only with breath control are of course free to view on

I see your desire.
I also see not everybody can afford my videos. 🙁
But it would be unfair to purchasers of the videos if I place them here or anywhere else for free.
I trust you will understand the point of view.

Although I do not earn my livelihood with my videos or this project – they doesn’t fetch it.

Nevertheless the videos, donations or advertisement finance among other things the charges of this server, the domains, equipment, e.g. cameras or toys and so on.

What exactly happens to the money I described in the article “Due to the criticism of my new xTube channel I would like to clarify a few points.

I would like to note that almost all videos have become cheaper on Xtube over the last while.

Also, I continue working on a project to offer all the videos and pictures without watermark and higher resolution at a fixed price. This was the request of some users.

In this way, videos can be cheaper than at Xtube – maybe!


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