EmoChastity Challenge 2015 – Day 47 – Stars and Stripes Underwear

Chastity Challenge 2014 Day 46

EmoChastity Challenge 2015 – Day 47 (Day 37 after the Challenge

EmoBCSMSlave in CB6000 – Stars and Stripes Underwear
Day 47 of 94 days (84)

You will find the rules here (link to EmoChastity.com)

Unlock day: May, 04th, 2015 (94/84 days) – Rest: 49 locked up days
Need your ideas… What would you see, what should I do?

More Gay Bondage and Breath Control at GayBreathControl.com. You’ll find an emo boy and more guys in chastity at EmoChastity.com ***NEW DOMAIN***

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