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First time I’m reblogging a breath control story… But this story had to be reblogged. – Although I hope the last sentence will never be come true. 😉

Thank you to breathcontrolboi90​ for sharing his story with us.


breathcontrolboi90 wrote:

So for my most recent adventure, was a very memorable and vicious breath play trip.

Before hand, my sir asked me out of curiosity, “hey, do you mind if we up it some more?” By that he meant can we do just pure brutal choking, sleepers, strangulations. And I’ve never been turned on by such a question, “Fuck yeah!

He also said he got his hands a very powerful drug to knock me out in half n hour.

SO, the day comes and I get off the plane and meet up with him.
Obviously I’m super excited.
Catch up, and go to his house.

I had no idea how fast he wanted to jump into this. But I still haven’t learned that I should not turn my back on him.
We go up the stairs and half way up and he says “hey go put on something nice, we’re gonna go out!

I get to his room and drop my bag. And pull off my shirt.
As quickly as I put my arms down, instantly his arm is around my neck, deep and cutting off all blood flow.
To make matters worse but so much hotter, he pushing me onto the bed, laying on top of me increasing the pressure. So you can imagine this wasn’t a long struggle. But all I could do was buck underneath him and grip at his arms and gasps.

The 10 seconds that felt like forever had finally brought the darkness over, and put me out. My gripping hands had flailing feet had calmed. Out cold long enough to be undressed and bound, I realized this was gonna be a long and hot night.


Waking up shortly after being put out brutally, my sir likes to get into and act like a psycho, and stare at me until I awake.
I take a couple seconds to realize I can’t move my arms or legs and I’m completely naked and turned on.

I struggle with conviction, wasn’t really expecting this, so I got a little freaked, but calmed myself. Lol Any who, he’s getting off at the sight of that. And when I stop he looks at me staring….

Boy? Why did you stop, I like it when you struggle.
We’re going to have to fix that!

He makes his way to the bed, and for some reason I was so on edge that night, he comes near me and I pull away. And I don’t know why. LOL
But it was nerve wrecking and erotic all at once, like the most realistic time I’ve ever had.

Straddling my waist he begins to stare and caress my body making his way towards my neck.

Stroking it, playing with my windpipe, feeling my pulse, playing with my blood flow. But that’s not what he was after, he wanted to make me gasp for air, for something even much more vicious.
Gripping my neck with one hand at the top of my throat and the other at the bottom.


I could feel my face getting red. My senses begin to get more distinct, hearing the creaking of the bed as I pulled against the bed frame, his fingers getting tighter, my feet shuffling against the sheets, and a cloudy sight came over me.

As im about to go out, my eyes slowly start rolling back, and he releases one hand.

Focused so hard on him I failed to see the green can.

Seconds from blacking out. He grabs the can, sprays a rag, and times it so perfectly letting go of my neck, he grabs the hair on the back of my head, and covers my face with the rag, and instead of a breath of fresh air, I get a deep inhalation of a spray called Hardware apparently a stronger form of Max Impact.

And it totally over powered my body, I felt my eyes rolling back and flickering, my body was spastic, I could fuckin cum at that moment it was sooooooo fucking hot!!

But what I loved about this spray was that it wasn’t a fade into black feeling, it was more turning off the lights blackout. I was semi out, I could hear echos of things in the room.

Definitely couldn’t move.


Again for what felt like forever, personally it felt at least a day went by, only to be 10 mins of numbness.
As I convulsed myself fully awake, I could still feel my sir on top of me, masturbating, wanting to blow his load on my torso as I struggled for dear life.

At last I guess he had another devious idea. Mixed with his obsession with suffocating me, he soaks a rag full of hardware, and a throws it in a clear plastic bag and seals it over my head.

Slowly the struggling for more and more intense. Unable to breathe and air that was left in the bag was now laced with hardware, making my head hot, and the numbness coming over me.


Still able to talk but not move I beg him to take it off “please sir, I cant breathe!” the beg began to get sloppy and slurred. And my convulsing body fought off the fumes, it still lost and I was out.

The only thing I could feel was the him stroking himself, as I gasped unconsciously.

Instinctively trying to breathe, to no avail, I was a limp boy for how long I don’t know.

I felt his warm cum spew on me and I knew I was of no use after that.

I loved every bit of that night, all the way 4 in the fucking morning. lol  And my sir has taken me further and further each time I visit.

Who knows maybe next time I wont be coming back.


Never forget, these stories are just for your entertainment. Never try this at home or anywhere else!

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