Questions and Answers – Your Rant

EmoBCSMSlave Tied Up Hogtied

I read your rant and I wanted to respond to it.

It sucks you aren’t getting at feedback for sharing everything that you do. Wouldn’t blame you if you closed the blog tbh. But it would suck cause your blog its like one of a kind.

I have been following you for some time and don’t give much feedback. But its cuz I’m not actually into breath play so I follow only for the bondage part of it.

The main criticism I’d give is, why doesn’t your bf/master/partner show up in videos? Even fully covered up?

Idk how u or the rest of your followers would feel about it. But I’d
like it if you sometimes did sessions focused more on the bondage.

When it comes to feedback in the form of criticism I could give u endless
amounts of it if you like, mainly cuz I’m really picky about what I like
to see. But can’t comment much on breathplay.

If you posted more really strict and complex rope bondage I’d have a lot more feedy. But u know, u like what u like and its ur blog. xD Will try to give more feedy anyway

Hey Anon! 🙂

Thank you for your answer to “my rant”. I’ll answer you. 🙂

At first, I’m sure the two messages I posted in one, was also one message from you. I think Tumblr has a characters limitation so you must submit the message in two parts. I hope I’m right.
If not, I’m sorry that I answer the message as one.

I’d like to answer your criticism into two subitems.

  • View the Master
  • More focus on bondage

View the Master

I understand your criticism.
I have often read the question about my Master.
There are personal reasons for him not to appear in public. But – and that’s a promise – we will think about your counsel, to cover him completely. 🙂
That sounds like a good tradeoff.

More focus on bondage

The next point you talk about it that you wish we set a bigger focus to bondage.

At first I’ve a comprehension question…
Do you wish pictures and videos that only focussed on bondage with out breathplay?

So that’s possible… More than breathplay I like bondage…
Do you have wishes for specific bondage scenes?

How do the rest of my visitors and followers feel about this?



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