Post #5000 at Tumblr – A new chastity challenge starts 5/5 (4)

This is a copy of post 5000 at my Tumblr blog @emobcsmslave. I asked you this weekend how should I celebrate the anniversary of 5000 posts.

Post #5000 - A new chastity challenge starts

Your suggestions

Most of you asked for naked bondage pictures, some breath control scenes, pictures that shows my locked dick and some of want a new chastity challenge.

Spread Egale Bound Breath Controlled and ESTIMed EmoBCSMSlave

My Decision

How should I put it? – You get all of these things.
The next days I’ll publish some pictures of hard and long breath play session, in which I was naked and my dick edged over and over with electro play.

Cum or Faint? - Naked Breath Play and ESTIM extreme - Part 1

Stay tuned for that.

The Announcement

And now let me start with an announcement…
I’ll start a new chastity challenge.

Post #5000 - A new chastity challenge starts


I’ll post every day a new chastity picture of me.
Once a week I’ll ask you should I change my chastity device from the CB6000 to a metal cage, or to the Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 (ESTIM cage) for the coming week and should I cum or not?

Post #5000 - A new chastity challenge starts

What’s the catch?

This challenge has an open end.
The challenge ends on the day on which the posts (pictures, videos) of the challenge have received during the last 5 days on average less than 20 notice (likes, reblogs).

How do you like it?

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