EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied Breath Controlled and ESTIMed in Soccer Gear 5/5 (57)

Today I’ll present you the pictures of our last session in a different way.
I’ve started a new “category” on my Tumblr channels to get more interactions with you. I’ll ask you every week a “kinky” question or some like that. Every weekend, I resolve the question and comment if necessary.EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

The Question of the last week was: “I wonder, what would you do with me, if you owned me for 24 hours, a weekend or a week?”
Between the pictures of the last session I will post your suggestions (usually) uncommented.

It’s up to you to comment the suggestions.

The new question for next week is…

I wonder, if you could give me a slave name, which slave name should I get?

Please answer my kinky question of the week on Tumblr, or into the comments below.

Oh, and don’t forget, you can request photos or videos of a session, read more about this at rules down below. –

The Rules

You have questions, requests, orders or tasks for me, simply send them by ask me anything. I’m trying to implement your orders, tasks and wishes in one of our next session pictures and videos. I’ll post messages like this every day. Everyday the post gets more than 100 notes (likes, reblogs etc.) and at least one question or request we’ll publish new session pictures or videos. In the best case you’ll see everyday a new session post of me on my Tumblr accounts (@emobondage and @EmoBCSMSlave and my blog GayBreathControl.com). Each post will have at least 5 pictures or one video of 3mins. 🙂

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied Breath Controlled and ESTIMed in Soccer Gear

Before I’ll start with your suggestions what you wanna do with me, if you own me, I’ll describe the session.
My Master hogtied me to the floor in our living room. Before that, he ordered me to wear the rubber mask, one of my soccer kits and the yellow lycra compression shorts.
After he had hogtied me, he controlled my breath with a bag and he estimed me. Within the next few days a video will be published of the session, so stay tuned. 🙂

Now are you ready for your answers what you would do with me, if you owned me for 24 hours, a weekend or a week?

Okay, let’s start…

chris19gay would do this

Tie ya hands and legs, then fuck ya mouth/throat/face til i cum…then ya ass. After that i untie ya and you can do that to me too 😉 . Then kissing and cuddling

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

grahamh31 suggestion is:

Knock u out, tie you up take your tns off place one of your face so you take in the smell and the other on your cock which I’ll tease with a bit of electricity?????

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

marctoodavoted want to do this:

Keep you in total isoletion box . On electric stimo. For a weekend

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

If I would belong to gallaghertimothy this happens:

Hi sexy I saw ur post If I was able to have you for 24hrs I would love that mate . I would do alot but don’t worry I will never do anything to hurt you or anyone. I would definately pleasure you with a nice massage on your whole entire body then would like to do other stuff to pleasure you mate . you have an awesome body .??

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

chucksboys4 idea is:

I would undress you, except the chucks ?, tie you up, give your prostate electro stimulation but only low intense and then I would edge you till you are whimpering and begging to let you cum

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

gay-skater-caster wrote:

I’d cast you ?

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

Anonymous said:

Hello, SpencerKayne on Twitter or spencerkayne666 on Tumblr.
You wanted to know more about what I would do to you over some period of time. Here are two scenarios in brief:

1. I would start you off restrained in your skinniest jeans and tank style shirt. I would strip you after a long session of edging using electro. Then strip you down to a tight speedo and place you in a clear box. I would lower a breathing tube in and slowly fill it with warm water around you. You stay in as long as I like.

Scenario 2. I would have you over to place you in my vac tube. I would start with you clothed and enjoy watching you writh as you run low on air, I turn off the vacuum and let you catch your breath. Next I would have you in a tight wrestling singlet, writhing in the vac tube. And finally, have you nude inside, with electro hooked up as you writhe with the clear latex pulling in on you and the zaps at your cock and balls from my electro unit.

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

An other anonymous suggests:

I’d like to see you wrapped in black stretch film from your shoulders to your feet ankles. You should wear a gas mask and nice shox with white socks. Than your master should remove the film from your nipples to put on nipple clamps and from your dick so that it is visible in its full length and beauty. Also your shoes and socks should be taken off and the socks put into the filter of the gas mask to have a nice BC to you and to have your bare feet visible. At than – your cum on the black film.

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

Someone other anonymous said:

I would strip you down naked and bind your hands behind your back. Gagging your mouth to muffle your protests. Your body would be mine to explore at my leisure. Teasing you for hours until you are rigid and leaking. Keeping you on the edge until you plead into your gag for me to allow you to spill your cum. Making you pose for me as I take pictures of your vulnerable and aroused body. Binding your ankles and watching your body writhe as I order you to struggle and scream for me on the bed.

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit


Hi Rick. I have been thinking about your question I’m wondering what would you do with me, if you owned me for 24 hours, a weekend or a week? I may not completely understand why you like doing what you like but that is what makes you happy. In terms of the question I would just like to hang out with you & get to know you. If you have any questions for me, just ask. Have a good day

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

Hi superstaytrue. The why, I’ve answered at the beginning and I’m curious about the “kinkiness” of my followers. :’D

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

nasara suggests:

“I’m wondering what would you do with me, if you owned me for 24 hours, a weekend or a week?” Easy, I would keep you naked, hard and horny all the time. I would edge for hours every day until you think, your balls explode. And perhaps, only perhaps, I would let you cum after a week. 😉

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

rubberdannyms worte me in a message:

If I had 24 hours with you then I would take you naked at the beginning and then put you on a whole body rubber suit.
Your hands I would stick in latex bags because you do not need them for now.
Your cock comes in a chastity device. Before I cover your face with the rubber mask I would still pet you because this is not possible with the mask. The mask has only holes for the nose.
Then I would tie you so that you are immobile and be concerned myself for a few hours with your feet. Licking, massage, sniffing, tickling, beating.
All in all, you stay in this situation til 2 hours before the end, of course with short breaks in between, so you can drink and eat.
Before the two hours are up, I’ll undress you naked and I’ll dress the still warm sweaty rubber suit. Only the mask keeping on your face.
Then I will fuck you and lick your sweaty body. When I am cum I will deliver you from the chastity belt. While I jerk you, I lick your sweaty body. I will not let you cum until I blow you. When you’ve cum I’ll also remove the mask and the 24 hours are over.

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

masohotlthrsm ideas are

Of course I would use chastity but metal with a uretheral drain tube screwed into it. Next a metal electro plug in your ass lubed with electro gel.. You would be bound immobile in rubber sleepsack with the wire from the chastity cage and the wire from the plug connected to an erostec 312. You would be fully hooded with anesthesia mask , electro pulse glasses and headphones. The anesthesia mask would be connected by tube to a y valve open to fresh air and to a rebreather bag. Impulses from 312 would also be able to be fed to the glasses. You in the bag would be standing and secured to ceiling bolts. You would then be put in contact with your inner self as I controlled your senses. The duration would be determined by your reactions to stimuli.

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

anonymous asked:

I would lock you up in a Chastity device and burn all your clothes. We go shopping afterwards (you are naked) and the only thing you are allowed to wear from now on are poloshirts you jeans if you are going out of the house. Else it’s just a polo and nothing to hide your penis. You will be sounded regularly and maybe even some electro stim

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

That’s it. 🙂
I like most (maybe all) of your ideas.
I hope your slaves enjoy your ideas as I would enjoy them.

I also hope you like this presention of what you would to with if you own me.
Don’t forget my new question to you:

I wonder, if you could give me a slave name, which slave name should I get?

Get in touch with me or follow me via snapchatSnpaChat EmoBCSMSlave I hope you like the pictures and I am looking forward to feedback, likes and share! 🙂


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