How would you enslave me? 5/5 (33)

Enslave me – If you answer, I’ll be come back sooner 😀

What a long time between this and the last post, but I or we will be come back asap. 🙂
But before we come back after my learning break and a move to a new environment (more about this later), with new toys and more I’ve a question.

Back after moving

I wonder, what would you do with me, if you’re allowed to enslaved me and you can do everything with me you want. Yes, everything (incl. cutting my hair), because you enslaved me to a submissively obeying object.
How would you enslave me?
It’s a fantasy, so anything is possible!

Back after moving

Let us (my Master and me) know your ideas.
Some of them will be published on my blog and others will be realized with my Master for you. 🙂

Back after moving

The more answers I get, the sooner I’ll be back.

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