[Preview] Learning EmoBCSMSlave breaks his Chastity to Jerk – Poppers Training 5/5 (2)

I published a new poppers trainings video on my JustFor.fans channel. Since you are only able to watch a preview of videos there if you have at least a free account on JFF, I post a 30 second preview with some hot scenes here on GayBreathControl.com.

How it happened

I made this video before my accident. Basically, I wasn’t going to publish it because so much time had passed. However, when I accidentally found the video on my computer to cut videos from our last session (which I will publish soon on the blog and on JFF), I decided it would be a pity not to publish my poppers training from march 2021. So here it is.

Poppers Training Video Background – Description

While I had to study for an exam, I got so horny that I grabbed some toys, some PP Aroma, started one of the online PP training videos while I was at it, and jerked off. Unfortunately, I was locked in one of our chastity belts at the time, which I broke with horniness and cum hard.

Poppers Training Video (Preview)

How to get the full poppers training video

You will be able to watch the complete 19 minute video on my JustFor.fans channel (JFF). There you can either watch the video by subscribing to my JFF channel, or buy and download it separately.
On my JFF channel you will find a lot more videos to watch and possibly to buy and download if you won’t to subscribe to my channel.

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Custom Videos – The Rules

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