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Restraint and Breath Controlled EmoBCSMSlave (Video down below)

Last year it was really quiet on our blog. I want to promise you, I’m still working on the blog and I’m still interested in BDSM and my Art of BC.

The Past and Now of EmoBCSMSlave and Breathplay

Anyone who follows my X (formerly Twitter) and especially, but also on Instagram, knows that I love what I have done and am doing. But unfortunately there are also problems, temporal as well as problems with the content of the blog. I can no longer keep the blog available everywhere in the world. In some countries, the blog is already geoblocked by me. But I want to show everyone my way of living BDSM. It is a way of life for me, but also a kind of creative art expression.

If you have been following me since 2013, you know that at the beginning I only presented myself clothed and only on explicit times, like Xtube back then, you could see me nude. To prove that you are old enough to see me “suffer” naked, you had to fulfill certain conditions, like on

Back to the Roots

I would like to return to that status quo. I want to offer my “art” for free to anyone who can’t or will not afford it but is old enough to understand my art and entertainment. This should make the blog available almost everywhere again.

If you want to see more, you unfortunately have to switch to or, since doesn’t permit everything, to other portals where I will offer my content. Unfortunately, this cannot be free of charge. But that is not the subject of this article. The topic is that the blog will be relaunched in near future and problematic content will unfortunately have to be taken down. 😔 Soon videos and pictures should appear regularly in the blog again. – Sometimes I will point you to the explicit content, which you can find at JFF but also at another portal.

Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect. You can find a video on my JFF channel at 😃

Abstract of “Restraint and Breath Controlled EmoBCSMSlave”

My Master restrained me to the bed with Segu and controlled my breath with a bag. He also uses an ESTIM device. You can see more of the session on my channel.

Please note, this video is for your entertainment. Do not try at home or anywhere else. The scenes are staged by an artist with years of experience. I was not was endangered anytime and I consented to what was done to me.
Again, do not try, especially not alone. It’s dangerous if you don’t know what’s about to happen.

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