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EmoBCSMSlave’s breathless Christmas – Merry Christmas 5/5 (1)

***Please wait a moment until all pictures are uploaded. Once this is done, the text between the stars will be deleted.***

EmoBCSMSlave’s breathless Christmas – Merry Christmas

Santa visited us last night. I hope Santa was good to you and you got gifts and not coal in your socks. If so you will also get a gift from us.

Our gift to you is a brand new picture set. 🙂
My beloved Master @SneaksBDSM put an Elf cap over my head, tied me behind and controlled my breath with our rubber breathplay mask.

We all wish you a happy holiday season.
Our sincere thanks for your goodwill and loyalty throughout the past year.
We look forward to meeting you next year.
Merry Christmas!

Q&A Tons of question – Who I’m? 5/5 (3)

After I answered questions gathered yesterday, one Anon has a lot of question to me. So Anon said: Have some questions: How did you come to realize you were into… Read more »

Questions and Answers – Like to see you bound in undies with leg irons 5/5 (5)

Anonymous said:

hello, I love your work, and your really hot ;), I was hoping I could send you a request ? it would be so amazingly hot if you could do a photo shoot of you in some nice tight underwear with handcuffs and leg irons pref in a hogtie or any other way in them restrained, thanks.

Hey Anon!

Thank you so much. I’ll answer you request. 🙂
Yes, certainly you could send a request.

Do you mean some like that? I’m sure you’ll view pictures like that this weekend. 🙂
Do you like it?



Cum or Faint? – Naked Swim Cap Breath Play extreme – Part 2 5/5 (5)

Cum or Faint? – Naked Swim Cap Breath Play extreme – Part 2

The challenge for this really long and hard breath control session was, cum hands free or pass out. My Master bound to the chair, start with the rubber breath play mask over my head and ESTIM on my dick… Because I didn’t faint or cum after a round 10 mins. my Master used two swim caps and controlled my breath with that.
Will I faint or cum this time? What do you think?
This is part 2 of 4… 🙂
You missed part 1? You’ll find it here.
Stay tuned for the rest.