Breath Control and Literature

The Long Night (Adventures in Erotic Gay Breath Control)Breath Play are often not used in erotic literature.

Even more rarely you will find stories with gay background.

Breath Control and Literature

If you want to read novels and stories, you will find, at best, here and there few stories in internet forums and social networks.

The author H.K. Kiting wants to change this and he regularly writes short stories about protagonists use breath control in an erotic context.

The Long Night (Adventures in Erotic Gay Breath Control)

For example in the novel “The Long Night (Adventures in Erotic Gay Breath Control)


The Long Night (Adventures in Erotic Gay Breath Control)How did Jacob ever get in this position, tied to a bed with a plastic bag over his head? It started earlier that evening when Michael and Jacob met for a blind date, and it was almost love at first sight for both of them. After a few drinks, they decided to skip the dance club and go straight to Michael’s place Once there, Jacob was tied to the bed and found out what Michael was really into: Breath Control. With no neighbors, there’s no one who can come to Jacob’s rescue when he screams in pleasure… Or is it panic? How will the evening end? This adult story contains gay oral sex, hand jobs, choking, repeated head bagging, bondage and peril play.

You can purchase “The Long Night (Adventures in Erotic Gay Breath Control)” as a paperback or kindle edition at

Jason’s Mummification (Adventures in Gay Erotic Breath Control)

You can also buy there “Jason’s Mummification (Adventures in Gay Erotic Breath Control)


Jason's Mummification (Adventures in Gay Erotic Breath Control)What if your lover asks you at the breakfast table to mummify him? That’s what happens to Steve and Jason. Jason wants to be encased in plastic wrap and duct tape with no possibility of escape. He longs to be completely covered except for two small, yet strategically placed holes (one is for his nose). Steve jumps at the opportunity to wrap his lover. For the next hour, he traps and then torments Jason with increasingly longer forced breath holds. Where will it end? Will Jason get more than he bargained for? Find out in this M/M tale of breath control and erotic release.

Jason’s Mummification (Adventures in Gay Erotic Breath Control)” is also available as a paperback and kindle editon.

About the Author

H.K. Kiting is a writer with a hyperactive imagination and a firm belief that anything goes when it comes to a story; and that those stories should be shared with the open minded.

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