Fox Bound: Two colored Mummy – Part 1

I can’t describe how I like this and the second part of Fox bounds photoset “The Mummy (Part 1)“.  Maybe I love this set because I also loved to be a mummy!

He wrote about this awesome set:

I love it to be wrapped like a mummy. It’s a great feeling to be in a cocoon of plastic and tape. Not able to move and just waiting for what will happen.

This two colour mummy is an excelent piece of art-work. The only hole they left in the wrapping was for my mouth. I could not see what they where doing but they could tease me and occasionaly they slid a toung or some fingers in my mouth to suck on.

They fixated me to a pole. Very rigide and impossible for me to move.


Two Colored Mummy

You’ll find part 2 here.

Source: Fox bound The Mummy (Part 1).

Proud to present you with the permission of Fox bound pictures out of his blog.

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