Questions and Answers – Your Rant 4 – 3/5 (1)


Hey there, I’m Aiden, u were right, those 2 msgs were from me. About ur master I understand him, but its good you guys will think about it. About the bondage, yeah Id like to see more focus on the bondage and gags over breathplay. About specific scenes, rope bondage is what I love to see. The more rope and more restrictive the bondage the better. I asked about your master cuz Id like to see how he ties you up. Like a video of him tying u with a lot of rope into a tight hogtie.

EmoBCSMSlave Breath Control Hogtied in Blue/ Red Chucks

Hi Aiden

Thank you for your answer to your message. 🙂

We have received your ideas and you will certainly find one or the other soon. 😉



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