EmoBCSMlave's Holiday Special

Holiday Special 2019 – EmoBCSMSlaves’s XI Poppers Training 45 mins on JustFor.fans 5/5 (93)

Holiday Season 2019 As an holiday season premium video suprise I’ve a 45 mins recording of a Cam4 live show for you I’ve done earlier. 🙂 Watch this nearly uncut Poppers Training, Rubber ans Selfbondage on my JustFor.Fans channel and watch a sum here on GayBreathControl.com. 🙂 With the Code …

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EmoBCSMSlave Advents Calendar Challenge Dec. 1st

EmBCSMSlaves Advent Calendar – Dec., 1st. 2017 – Door No 1 4.97/5 (32)

Door #1 – Soccer EmoBCSMSlave and his Chastity Time

It’s Christmas season and in Northern Europe we’ve a rite – a so called “Advent calendar” or “Christmas Calendar”. The caldendar has 24 doors (or windows). Behind every door you find a hidden suprise. You open one of the doors between december 1st. and 24th, daily.

I will start an “EmoBCSMSlave-like” Advent calendar.
Everyday I’ll post a new picture, video or fact of me, so that you’ll find everyday a new post on GayBreathControl.com or you follow me on Tumblr, you’ll find the post also there, so you can like or re-post them on Tumblr too.
Sometimes you find an extra “goodie” (a picture, a video, a fact or something else) on GayBreathControl.com.

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