Tied Up and Breath Controlled in Soccer Gear Emo 3.67/5 (6)

It’s friiii…. sorry, no it’s the night between Friday and Saturday now. I’m a little bit late but the breathless July 4th weekend should start now, with much, much breath control pictures… :)

But anticipating a few words.

We have currently 90°F, sometimes up to 100°F. Added to this is a certain humid stuffiness.
If I look around the city, this is already for a few people a breathplay. – At least they sound like that.

IMG_3563_waterYou know I always emphasize the importance of safety during breath play. You should never play alone and if you have health problems, or you do not feel good, you should not play. Better adjourn the play to another day.
And currently I do not feel always good. It is just too hot for breath control.  Nevertheless  there will be breathplay session pictures this weekend, but if the heat remains or intensified, it may be that we focus next week to bondage.

The time has not come and today, on Saturday and Sunday you expected breathplay pictures. :)

Tied Up and Breath Controlled in Soccer Gear Emo


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EmoBCSMSlave in Jeans bound to the bed 4.2/5 (15)

I’ve been thinking about the desire for more pure bondage scenes. I think maybe midweek is a good place for pure bondage pictures and videos and the weekend for breathplay and hardcore.
How do you think about the matter?

By the way ‘how do you think’… I start a beta test in which you can rate the post.
The more you rated the article, the more we know what you like.
Maybe we can, while you’re so silent, find out in that way what you like and what you want to see more, or not. 😉 This is perhaps easier than to write to me. 😀
The rating goes from one star, which means the content was crap up to five stars, the content was great.
Please rate fair, but honest. About comments, or messages to the posts I would still appreciate.

Today I’ll start with some bondage pictures which were taken on the bed, tomorrow I’ll show you… Wait… View the pictures of today and you’ll find a preview at the end of this article.
EmoBCSMSlave in Jeans bound to the bed

EmoBCSMSlave in Jeans bound to the bed


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Tumblr Post 0703201502


(via Picture 514 | Slave Boi in Vac bed that i made 2-18-08 | By: mistressjeannett1@sbcglobal.net | Flickr – Photo Sharing!)

Feel that thick PVC crushing you down helpless and tight. Now all I need to do is flip you over and let you suck on airless suffocating wet sweaty PVC as you suffocate in the vacbed. That air tube was only for testing. Now we are going to put you in the other way with no air hole and turn up the pressure. You will have the air crushed right out of you!

Source: Tumblr strappyskink & flickr.com

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