Gay Breath Control and Bondage

NO AIR, I love it!


Gay Breath Control and Bondage - NO AIR, I love it!

Xtube-Video: Emoboy’s 9th Wanking Poppers Workout

  • This is a 15 secs sneak preview video of my new xTube amateur clip “Emoboy’s 9th Wanking Poppers Workout”. Watch me at the full video while I jerk at poppers training.
    I slapped my balls, sniffed sneaks, used myspit, nipple clapms and more…
    So Watch how I sniff the poppers, how I cum, watch my load in in slo-mo and normal speed at (click here), if you missed my other videos click here.

    [SOLVED] 1and1-Users like GMX-Users can’t send Emails to me

  • Update: I was faster then my provider. The problem is solved. My dns mail is no longer against rfc rules. You can send emails to the blog email adresses.

    I’m so sorry at the moment 1and1 (united internet) customers, e.g., GMX or, can’t send any emails to me.

    I know why it is so and I and my provider try to solve the problem..

    In the meantime, if you are an 1and1 customer and you want to send me an email, you can use the “ask form” or the email adress

    I would like to apologize for any inconvenience,
    Once the incident is resolved, I’ll announce this at this point.
    Many thanks for your understanding.



    Dream Boy Bondage: Seath Exceeding the Limits

  • From my old ex Tumblr blog I know, that you like the pictures and videos from Dream Boy Bondage from now on I’ll post some of the preview pictures and maybe videos.
    The whole videos and pictures can be found on DreamBoyBondage(*1).

    I’ll start with:
    Seath: Exceeding the Limits Part 3

    Preview Pictures

    You wanna see the whole video, please click here(*1)

    Description: Seth’s court-ordered torture continues. “Fuck you,” Seth mutters over his shoulder as torture expert Jared approaches. “Fuck it,” Jared replies and pulls off his boxing gloves. Seth is about to be beat with hard fists, not rubber gloves – a form of beating that is technically illegal and could get Jared into deep trouble, but he doesn’t care; he wants to make this kid suffer. A half-hour later Seth is collapsed on the floor, too weak to stand. Jared allows him only a few minutes of rest. He yanks Seth up onto his feet and bolts him to the wall again, this time facing out. “Please,” Seth begs, just before the whip cuts into his torso. Next week: The flogging intensifies.

    (*1) Affiliate Link

    EmoBCSMSlave Bondage and Breath Control Session on a Couch

  • I’m bound with handcuffs and leg irons on the couch.
    My Master taped my mouth with duct tape and control my breath with a bag over my head. He bandaged my eyes with special glasses.
    I wore my yellow spandex compression shorts. :)

    Nice breath control session. :)

    Boynapped: Hardcore Prisoner Abuse – 500th Episode!

  • Boynappeds 500th scene!
    Deacon becomes a tool for sadistic Sebastian, teaching prisoner Kenzie a lesson and horny warden Sebastian takes control of twink inmates Deacon and Kenzie.

    Boynapped starring: Deacon Hunter, Kenzie Mitch And Sebastian Kane

    Video 1

    To view at and buy the full video (double) click the video…

    Video 2

    To view at and buy the full video (double) click the video…

    Video 3

    To view at and buy the full video (double) click the video…

    tieguyuk: Kenzie gets cuffed with cuffs and locked into stocks

  • Kenzie gets cuffed with my ex police issue cuffs and locked into the stocks today over on the tieguyuk main site.

    (via Tumblr Blog of tieguyuk)

    Guy into Vaccumbag (Space Bag)

  • Xtube Video Details:

    Vaccumbag Nice to feel a boy in

    Wooow… I wish, I was the boy in the vaccum bag and my Master will play so with me. This breath control scene is amazing! Isn’t it.

    If your browser doesn’t show the video, pls. click here.

    Questions and Answers – Anonymous Asks: Always be a Slave?

  • anonymous Asks:

    Do you think that you will always be a slave / devot or sometimes a top in a relationship?

    EmoBCSMSlave Said:

    That’s a good question.
    I have to say I don’t know yet.
    I can imagine that already, at some point / some day even be the top, but if then want to be…

    EmoBCSMSlave in his black Zentai and Breath Controlled with Gasmask and Swimcap

    Questions and Answers – Anon Asks: Barefoot

  • Anon Asks:

    More of your wonderful feet please! :)

    EmoBCSMSlave Said:

    Thank you for the compliment!
    I’m sure you and the rest of the swarm will see more of my feet soon.
    Stay tuned…

    EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied

    Boynapped: Handsome New Arrival Drained Of Cum

  • Handsome Dan has his body oiled and his cock drained by devious Ashton.
    And handsome new arrival Dan is treated to a kinky wank with sadistic Ashton.
    Boynapped Starring: Dan Broughton And Ashton Bradley

    Video 1

    To view at and buy the full video (double) click the video…

    Video 2

    To view at and buy the full video (double) click the video…

    Video 3

    To view at and buy the full video (double) click the video…