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EmoBCSMSlaves Adventskalender – Tür 1, 01. Dezember 2017 5/5 (12)


Door #1 – Soccer EmoBCSMSlave and his Chastity Time

It’s Christmas season and in Northern Europe we’ve a rite – a so called “Advent calendar” or „Christmas Calendar“. The caldendar has 24 doors (or windows). Behind every door you find a hidden suprise. You open one of the doors between december 1st. and 24th, daily.

I will start an “EmoBCSMSlave-like” Advent calendar.
Everyday I’ll post a new picture, video or fact of me, so that you’ll find everyday a new post on GayBreathControl.com or you follow me on Tumblr, you’ll find the post also there, so you can like or re-post them on Tumblr too.
Sometimes you find an extra „goodie“ (a picture, a video, a fact or something else) on GayBreathControl.com.

If you’re on GayBreathControl.com you should click „Continue reading“. 😉

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EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

Video: EmoBCSMSlave hogtied gefesselt und ESTIM in Fußballklamotten 4.86/5 (58)

Wie ich gestern schon schrieb, haben wir zu der Session auch ein Video aufgenommen. Die ersten fünfi Minuten des Videos kannst du hier gucken, den Rest als „Premium-Video“ auf meinem xTube-Kanal…. Read more »

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EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

EmoBCSMSlave Vorschau aufs Wochenende 41 5/5 (52)


Weekend sneak peek and don’t forget my question of the week.

I’m wondering what would you do with me, if you owned me for 24 hours, a weekend or a week?

Imagine, you could do everything, within laws and does not harm me – so I keep no permanent health damage. 😉
I will collect all the answers and publish them this weekend. – And maybe we will implement some of them in the future. 😉

And don’t forget you can ask and request me anything.

Q&A: Kopf komplett in Tape, Tabus, draußen und mehr – Und eine Frage an dich! 5/5 (54)

Es ist Zeit für Fragen und Antworten. Du kannst mich alles fragen. 🙂 Los geht’s… Anonymous fragte: Would you be willing to have your entire head taped up, i mean… Read more »