Gay Breath Control and Bondage

NO AIR, I love it!


Gay Breath Control and Bondage - NO AIR, I love it!


Here is a bondage tip.

When you are strapping a guy into restraints, pay attention to his cock right at the “point of no return”.  You know, that moment when the lock clicks, or you fasten the arms together on the straitjacket…that second when he can no longer escape on his own. If his cock is rock hard, and applying restraints makes him harder, you know he’s really into bondage.

For this kind of guy, you shouldn’t just grab his cock and start playing.  Once he is all tied up, you should just let him stew.  For him, the initial thrill of being tied up is a rush…his cock will be engorged and speaking for him…wanting you to get on with the program. 

Don’t listen to his cock.  Instead, just wait quietly. 

He’ll eventually start to complain of course, horny as he is.  He’ll want you to do something. He may become very verbal, maybe even angry that you aren’t taking any action.  This is when good gags and hoods come in handy.  Keep his mouth occupied…let him know he isn’t in charge.  

When you see his cock get soft…really soft…then you can start playing with him.  The point isn’t to get him off, the point is to make him want to get out, to force him to struggle against the restraints.  This will make them get hard again.

You see, for guys that are really into bondage, it isn’t about getting off.  It’s about being restrained.  Keep them in restraints, remind them they are in restraints, add more and more restraints…and learn how to wait.

When the time comes, they won’t just cum, they’ll erupt. 

  • strappedown wrote:

    It was a pleasant surprise when they hooked up the vacuum and sucked out the remaining air from the gimp suit.  The one-way valve on the suit kept it super-tight.  Greg writhed around helplessly and in ecstasy for several minutes, glad he had volunteered to participate in the rubber club’s demo.  

    The suit was just as tight an hour later as they were hoisting him into the storage trunk, the club’s newest rubber toy.

    (Source: Tumblr

  • lovingair:

    Allowed to relax for a while before his nose is taped shut.

    (Source: Tumblr lovingair)

  • boundinjeans2 wrote:

    Soumis68 bound Pinkiboy

    (Source: Tumblr: boundinjeans2)

  • Tumblr: Tape Mummy


    lovingair wrote:

    “Okay, let’s get you laid down and sucked off. Then one more piece of tape for your nose.”

    And then give him the opportunity to:
    - Cum once again, or the piece of tape over the nose is not opened again until, if he’s unconscious!

    (Source: Tumblr masters-coyote)

  • lovingair wrote:

    Such a tiny breathing hole, and so much plastic left.

    And this hole should be closed for awhile! xD

    Source: Tumblr nottsphil

  • Tumblr: Rebreather Hood


    strappyskink wrote:

    xorub_09_2014_037 (by XORUB)

    You look too good suffering in that rubber hood. I think I’ll leave you tied up in all of those rubber layers, sweating and suffocating!

    We should purchase a rebreather hood like that… Am I right, sneaksbdsm?

    (Source: Tumblr strappyskink)

  • tumblr_n7b2zimaaC1trsx3bo1_500

    masterwalterblog wrote:

    From time to time I like to put My boi in longterm bondage. Its genitals I like to keep free mostly so I can play with them whenever I want. I like to make this bondage as uncomfortable as possible by putting nipple clamps, a buttplug and/or electrostimulation. It’s just fun to see the boi suffer like this. I can keep it on for hours like this, only allowing it a sip of water from time to time.

    Master Walter

    I love bondage like that!

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    Awesome! Hot! :3

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  • slightlydodgy:

    Still locked ? :)

    Still locked! :)

    Stay tuned for pictures this week :)