Gay Breath Control and Bondage

NO AIR, I love it!


Gay Breath Control and Bondage - NO AIR, I love it!

Chained gas masked and Breath Controlled Guy

  • I found this breath control video on Xtube.
    You can watch a gas masked breath controlled guy, who is bound on a table.
    His Master controlling his breath with gas mask and rebreather and wanking the dick of the his slave.
    Watch the video, it’s horny!

    If your browser can’t show the video, pls. click here.

    LondonRopeTop’s Gray Tapped Mummy

  • What a horny mummified guy.
    I want to be this gray mummy! I love it to be mummifies.This mummified guy from LondonRopeTop is a so lucky guy!

    Gray Mummy

    Source: LondonRopeTop: Seated Orange Mummy

    I am proud to present you with the permission of LondonRopeTop pictures out of his Tumblr blog.
    Please visit his blog for more of his unique bondage and breath control pictures.

    Do you speak German? – We speak your language!

  • On multiple request I bring the German language back into my blog.
    Currently, the whole thing is still in the beta phase.
    This means, only few posts, but all relevant pages/sides (e.g. About me) and the menu have been translated into German.

    Because Tumblr has deleted my entire account, I have lost also all German translated posts, so I have to translate all posts into German again. -  A complete translation still takes some time to my regret. :(

    However, I promise you that all articles and pages which are published as of today will be published in English, as well as in German language.

    You find the selection between the languages at the navigation on the right side.

    Should you find faults, simple a short message to me. :)



    EmoBCSMSlave bound and Breath Controlled At The Towel Heater

  • My Master tied my into my spandex compression shorts at a towel heater and controlled my breath with a plastic bag.
    He taped my mouth with duct tape and blindfold me with special glasses… :D

    It was an amazig breath control session!

    EmoBCSMSlave bound at the towel heater

  • I’m tied into my spandex compression shorts at a towel heater.
    This is one of my favorite bondage picture series.

    These are pics from the Picture Story “Enslavement of an Emo“.

    Questions and Answers – Suggestion from Drew

  • Drew asks via Ask me Any:

    There are a few combinations that I’d really love to see:

    1. Choke by string
    2. Chastity device
    3. Butt plug
    4. Tube socks (Soccer socks)
    5. High top sneakers
    6. Compression shorts
    7. Tied up

    Can you do some pictures or videos with the suggestions? Put them up on xtube and I’ll for sure purchase it!


    EmoBCSMSlave said:

    Sounds nice and yes, we can. :)

    I do something like that (Point 3-6) here, but have a look to the near future. :)

    Questions and Answers – Suggestion via email

  • MarkV suggests:

    Master should punish you by keeping you 100% immobile in mummification for 24 hours straight- and forcing you to sniff poppers every 30 to 60 minutes.


    EmoBCSMSlave Said:

    What a naughty pleasures! I love it!

    What do you think?
    Do you have also some suggestions?

  is back – We are back!

  • It was not easy, but we’re finally back.
    We no longer use Tumblr as blog service provider, but a provider who allows us to use a blog by using WordPress.

    EmoBCSMSlave Enslaved

    But let me start from the beginning.

    What has happened?

    On June 13, 2014 my blog was terminated suddenly and without warning by Tumblr.
    Several times I’ve inquired at Tumblr support, why they deleted my account.
    Only after I wrote my user ID and email address in multiple blocks in an e-mail, that was not sent from my user email address, I received a reply.

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    Xtube-Video: Emoboy’s 9th Wanking Poppers Workout

  • This is a 15 secs sneak preview video of my new xTube amateur clip “Emoboy’s 9th Wanking Poppers Workout”. Watch me at the full video while I jerk at poppers training.
    I slapped my balls, sniffed sneaks, used myspit, nipple clapms and more…
    So Watch how I sniff the poppers, how I cum, watch my load in in slo-mo and normal speed at (click here), if you missed my other videos click here.


    Don’t forget I promised you, there will still be vids of me that are free and not at my XTube amateur profile. :) You’ll find them also at