EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied and Breath Controlled w/ a bag

EmoBCSMSlave needs your help – Alternative video selling places (Oronjo) 5/5 (21)

EmoBCSMSlave needs your help – Alternative video selling places

I’m looking for alternatives to Xtube or better second market places for my videos, which should be cheaper for you. In my search, I found Oronjo.

I could sell my premium videos much cheaper, but I’ve questions and need your help.
My question to you, do you have experience with the service? What experiences do you have?
Would you buy my videos there as well?

I am interested in your views and experiences.

You can send your replies and opinions to me via “Ask me anything” (Tumblr), my contact (blog)/ submit form (Tumblr), Tumblr notes or email.

Thank you!


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EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied in Soccer Kit

EmoBCSMSlave Hogtied Breath Controlled and ESTIMed in Soccer Gear 5/5 (57)

Today I’ll present you the pictures of our last session in a different way. I’ve started a new “category” on my Tumblr channels to get more interactions with you. I’ll ask you every week a “kinky” question or some like that. Every weekend, I resolve the question and comment if …

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EmoBCSMSlave by GayBreathControl.com and EmoBondage.com

EmoBCSMSlave – Shall I come back? 5/5 (50)

***Please wait a moment until all pictures are uploaded. Once this is done, the text between the stars will be deleted.***

EmoBCSMSlave – Shall I come back?

Yes, looooooooong, loooooooong time no see!
Why I was so long time away, I will explain later. Not today – but later.
This should be a sign that I’m still alive.
The question that arises is, shall I come back? Shall we produce new stuff for you?
With this questions and the following pictures I wish you a pleasant and well-deserved weekend.
Oh yes,I’m still locked today since Nov. 2016, or 178 days. 😉

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